So…everyone needs a job…

We want it known that at our first meeting we actually did have a gavel. Technically the gavel also has another job…it’s a meat tenderizer that resides in Julie’s utensil drawer.  So, you see, we are official right from the start.

Also Trudi has lived ON Route 66 in a town in Missouri, so there’s that.  Jane knows how to make grilled cheese sandwiches.  This last bit seems irrelevant, but as food is an essential part of the trip, don’t discount it. Several of us have been to Chicago.  And many of us have survived family trips.  Julie and Jean had met Trudi once or twice before last night’s meeting.  Jean lives down the street from Patti.  Patti and Julie met years ago when their boys played little league together.  Trudi and Patty’s daughters are best friends.  Patti has known the Callahan girls (aka Jane and Patty) since high school.  And to a man we’ve all HEARD about Route Sixty-Six.  All six.


We were at least a glass of wine in when Trudi announced that we all needed jobs.  And we do.  If we had planned to go with an RV, Jean and Julie were going to take on the “poop chute,” but a van trip makes that unnecessary, thankfully.   Trudi will research hotels.  Patty will research a rental vehicle.  Jean has taken on the financial accounting and petty cash responsibilities as well as airplane reservations; see, I told you she was nice.  Julie is looking in to things to do, sights to see, what we shouldn’t miss.  Janey will tackle the food budget and apparel.

We envision taking a group picture at each iconic sign..the start and the end of Route 66.  We want to dip our toe in the water of the Pacific Ocean at the end of our journey.  Trudi keeps us to the classic interpretation of what a trip on this highway should be.  Motels.  The REAL ones.  Hitting the Grand Canyon.  Reading the signs.  Movie night may include The Graphes of Wrath with reckless forays into We are the Millers.  Karaoke?  Honky Tonks? Morning Yoga? Laundromats?

We need t-shirts.  Or at the minimum, matching scrunchies.  And a theme song…




4 Comments Add yours

  1. Janey and patty v says:

    You are blogtastic Julie!


  2. mcscottie19 says:

    Well, guessin that leaves me, Patti T with no job, except to be adorable. Maybe I’ll get a Forman Grill, you know, for the grilled cheese! Thinkin we can only eat 1966 themed food🛣🗾📡🚐


    1. YES! or maybe you can be in charge of MAKING us eat grilled cheese at least once a day at truck stops, PT! Re Jobs: still open are Trip Masseuse, Mommy Chairperson (reminding us to contact our families in case we forget), and Boss of Packing (this is gonna be a challenge)?? xo


  3. jguch says:

    You are Blogamazing Jules!


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