Anniversaries are worth noting.


I guess it’s important to honor the 25th anniversary of the iconic film, Thelma and Louise, which premiered when the six of us were in our mid to late twenties (give or take).  That anniversary was yesterday, and while we have no plans to drive off the edge of the earth into the Pacific Ocean…we surely wouldn’t mind picking up Brad Pitt for a spell.   Those sunglassed gals tackled Route 66, and so are we!  We’ll hope we don’t make some of their mistakes, but do regret that our Suburban is not a convertible…

Patty reports that she has dreamed of driving the famous highway for over twenty years and has never had a nibble from friends or family willing to embark.  So this really is a dream realized…for her and now for us…

Like Thelma and Louise’s story, ours is a story of empowerment.  Taking control away from daily life and health concerns and just driving in the direction of OUR CHOOSING. Sometimes girlfriends are just what you need, let’s face it.

And putting our toes in the water at the end is what we have in mind.  That’s all, we promise…


A little T & L trivia for you:  George Clooney read for the part that Brad Pitt finally received.  He read for it five times.  And Pitt’s purse was $6000.  So, there you go.


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  1. pvirgilio62 says:

    And awayyyyyy we go!!!

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