If Melissa McCarthy and Ellen Degeneres had a baby…

This is the part where we start dropping teasers…we’ve got tricks up our sleeves, don’t forget it.  We told you we’re renting a suburban, right?  Well…she’s named “Sparky” but we haven’t met her yet,  and we’re hoping she’s road-worthy and has really really big seats…it’s a long drive.  And we told you we’re fun, right?  Well we’ve got friends we haven’t even met yet too.  Jane says that if Melissa McCarthy and Ellen Degeneres had a baby it would be Patty V.  And it’s true…if  you put those two ladies in a mixing bowl and added a little extra sass and a healthy dose of courage..well…Yep.

IMG_3146 Our shipment arrived yesterday from #buildahead and guess what?  Flat Ellen and Flat Melissa will be riding high in Sparky!   You really CAN buy anything on the internet.  (Thanks Al Gore!)

Here are Patty and Jane and I with our two travel companions…get used to them!  And don’t tell Mick just yet, but he’s not invited on the trip and doesn’t know it. That’s why he’s still smiling in this pic…or maybe he’s NOT smiling here because of that “sharpest tool” reference to his brother in the last blog? Not my best moment.

Anyway, we have Patty, Jane, Jean, Trudi, Patti and Julie…and now Melissa and Ellen.  You see where this is going, right?  We definitely need a stylist.  And a wardrobe consultant… BEFORE we get to LA.  And maybe a contract for our own HBO show?  And an agent….. definitely an agent.  Maybe Ari Gold is available.  You remember Entourage?


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  1. Jean Gurucharri says:

    Outstanding! So- who’s job is it to find a stylist…???


  2. Betty Callaghan says:

    I would love to have a video camera in the SUV to capture all the fun you are all going to have!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. tdiamant says:

    Hilarious, Julie!


  4. mcscottie19 says:

    Thank you, our most extraordinary BM! Thanks for your gift of words, and for giving our Patty a new rainbow to follow!!! Perhaps we WILL find the Cure on our journey…why not? Let’s also shout out a THANK YOU RACHEL, for giving Mary an inspiring ,and provocative face.

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