Baby, look at me.  Tell me what you see.  You ain’t seen the best of me yet.  Give me time, I’ll make you forget the rest.  I’ve got more in me, and you can set it free.  I can catch the moon in my hand.  Don’t you know who I am?  Remember my name.

—    Songwriters: Dean Pitchford and Michael Gore (Irene Cara’s hit song “Fame” from the movie Fame)


It’s moments of genius that bring Fame.   And often it’s a little Luck.

The Odell family was trying to market a family ligament recipe without success.  They then had an innovative product idea, this time for a brushless shaving cream which could be used every day, but Mr. Odell was struggling to sell the product.  His concept was to send his sons on the road selling the product by “Jars on Approval.”  The boys would give out a jar of the product for free.  If the recipient liked it he could pay them 50 cents the next time he saw them.  One day Alan Odell, one of the sons who had been out on the road selling the product, suggested they try a new advertising strategy he had seen out on the roadways…The year was 1925.  The new U.S. highway system was developing.  Especially Route 66.  How about a series of five signs placed 100 paces apart along the road?  Father Odell suspected that his son was just tired of being a traveling salesman, but a dozen sets of signs were quickly placed in the area around Minneapolis before the ground began to freeze that winter.  The company was saved!  And later those signs littered Route 66 and the rest of the U.S….Burma Shave!

A little genius and a lot of luck.

Here is our little genius idea.  Patty loves Ellen Degeneres and Melissa McCarthy.  All six of us do.  Let’s get Patty a hug from Ellen and Melissa.  Plus, we’re pretty sure Ellen and Melissa would love to meet Patty.  Who wouldn’t?  Sure we’ll be pretty busy in the Suburban with hilarious jokes and stories of boys we dated, terrible bridesmaid dresses, and failed diets.  But that shouldn’t stop them from trying to meet us.  We’ll squeeze ’em in.

I texted the gals for their thoughts, ideas and funny quotes about FAME.  And I searched the internet myself…  I really liked Gilda Radner’s take, “Fame changes a lot of things, but it can’t change a lightbulb.”  A little wisdom from a gal who got a heavy dose of what is really important in life.  Our group text then lapsed into the “usual” hilarious banter…Jane contributed some food for thought, “The only thing better than good publicity is bad publicity.  Maybe we need to knock over a circle K or something?”  So we were off to the races…

Patti T shared some important news, “I heard today that if you rob a bank with a note saying ‘Please give me all your $$’ and you don’t have a gun, you won’t get arrested.”**

And then came Patty V’s text:

“Fame is a great responsibility that shouldn’t be taken for granted.  If you’re famous you can make great things happen on a global platform, and that is so admirable when that happens.”

I searched the internet so I could reference this quote, so perfect for us.  And finally I texted Patty who is recovering three days out from her most recent dose of chemo.  Hey Patty, any idea who wrote that quote about fame that you sent me yesterday?  She responded, “My words.”

So how do we get Ellen and Melissa interested in little-old-us?  Probably if they see Patty in action singing her “If they only had a cure” song in her video that should seal the deal.  Let’s bring attention and #wagehope for the men and women who are fighting this terrible cancer.  Pancreatic.  PanCan.  PattyCan.

And we’re serious.  Serious enough to make business cards!

Father O’Dell would be proud.



“Tut, Tut — fame clearly isn’t everything.”  J. K. Rowling,  Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.


**please double check your own state’s laws on punishment for a crime before planning a bank robbery, with or without a gun.




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  1. Momma Betty says:

    Love your ideas and Patty’s quote😘

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    1. I was amazed at her words too, Momma B! She’s quite a gal.


  2. I hope you meet Ellen and Melissa!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Thanks Illuminated!

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