Finding Story.

You search and search.  Why are you here?  Is there more for ME?  Can I (be happier?), Can I (have more), Can I (this), Can I (that).  We’re all looking for our story.

I’ve been watching Patty.  I think we all have been.  We’re having so much fun planning our trip and being around her.  Janey calls her the family LIFE FORCE.  Yikes.  Okay.  That’s pretty strong.  That’s like a “pay attention” kind of thing, right?  So I sit up straight in my chair and start to see that she’s right.  Patty just keeps swimming.

Something is going on here.  I’ve made some new friends.  I’m writing.  I’m laughing.  I am almost about to write that I’m going to the gym more.  If you know me that should make you laugh.

We are meeting people who start to smile when you talk about Patty.  We are getting little emails and messages from friends she made in Iowa as a kid, through her daughter’s dance team, through church, through work.  We love your messages and comments by the way.  Jane and I chatted with a local business owner yesterday who wanted to share in the trip somehow…help us publicize…I teared up.  How has this gal Patty made such an impact?  Her story is about others.  Giving. Sharing. Laughing.


We’ll be creating stories.  Finding Stories.  Along Route 66.  Til then…


The gang meets tomorrow.  And we have plans to see Finding Dory this week.  The first step in our pilgrimage to Ellen.

Do you have any suggestions for us for our trip?  Things we need to pack?  Pictures we need to take?  Help us find our story.


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We’re cool like that.  


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  1. Momma Betty says:

    You’re doing great, Julie! One small correction, Patty has MANY wonderful friends in Iowa, not Ohio, still the friendly Midwest, though!😉

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    1. Yikes! I’m ON it. Many thanks momma Betty!


  2. trawals says:

    I am grateful to God for Patty and her Army of friends and family!

    Patty I have said this before and I will say it a trillion times more I am sure – I love You, your Spirit, and your ability to share your Gifts!

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  3. Pqt says:

    Im just all a flutter of excitement thinking of how our story will come together. All centered around our midwest girl, Patty, and her desire to travel Route 66. We all feel the same, right? So blessed to know and love our friend, Patty, and to be a part of her journey! Julie…Best BM…ever….👸🏽

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  4. You truly summed up what it is like to know Patty V. when you said – “We are meeting people who start to smile when you talk about Patty.” Thinking about Patty, reading about Patty, talking to Patty, seeing Patty sing her songs always makes me smile! I met her through a business relationship (how many years ago has that been Patty?) but she quickly became someone I am proud to call my friend. We would see each once every couple of years and pick the friendship back up with a big hug, fun stories, memories, and lots of smiles and laughs. Many thanks to the folks at Facebook for the magic of being able to keep up with Patty on a daily basis the last few years. And, thank you so much for your blog. I am very excited to be going on the Route 66 trip along with all of you!!!! You do have room in the Suburban for all of us who are tagging along “in spirit” don’t you?


    1. Glad to have you along, Cathy! You’re part of the seat rotation! Sometimes you will be up front!


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