A very good M.

We met last night, and this morning is a very good morning.

So much has happened since the Sixtahs unpacked their bags…Jean went on a great bike trip through part of Canada.  Patti has helped an ill family member.  Jane and Julie have dropped off kids at college, and Trudi had a great visit from her daughter.  We all returned home to find that things sparkled as never before.  Things do sparkle if you look closely enough.  How fortunate were we to have the trip of a lifetime meeting magical people and seeing remarkable things?  Our friends loved us and welcomed us home and shared laughs about the stories they’d read.  Even people we didn’t know came up and shared their love for Patty and her inspiration…

It was almost eight weeks ago that we began our Route 66 trip…and finally last night the sixty sixtahs met up for the first time since our return.  We had texted and called one another, sure.  But we hadn’t met up as sisters.  Those early weeks back home were filled with things that reminded us of our time together…and we laughed in group texts.  “DUDE!  Don’t be a DUD!”  Random shoutouts:  “Patti, love you long time!”  And we all admit to singing “On the road again” quietly to ourselves when we hop in the car…Trudi’s texts were the nicest.  Of course.  Last night we reminisced…about Debyjo and Ellie, about Parker and Cathy Finch, about so many individuals who mattered to us…who still matter.

And what of our hopes of meeting Ellen and Melissa?  Though unrealized as yet, those hopes have not faded.  There is still HOPE.  Always HOPE.  Our suitcases are not in attics but close by waiting for a call…

Julie had lost her Key to the City of Bradenton at the St. Louis Arch and notified the Mayor’s office upon her return.  Sure enough the key has been replaced…and the locks were not changed!  A giant shout out to those kind folks…The key hangs on the bulletin board right over the desk where she types…

Patty has had two chemo treatments since we returned.  Today she returns to Moffitt yet again.  Two weeks after we got back she got fabulous results on both a scan and also on her bloodwork.  More trail magic.  Our goal today is A Break From Chemo.  Amen.  Please send up a prayer.  It’s football season and Patty V needs to be on the bleachers feeling really really good as she cheers for her son.  It’s his senior year, and he’s out on the field.  All four years of his high school career his mom has been battling Pancreatic Cancer.  And she’s the BEST fan in those stands.  A Break From Chemo.  Yes please.

We had started our trip back in July with a breakfast in Chicago at Lou Mitchell’s Iconic restaurant.  We met the “doughnut lady” and some fantastic waitstaff if you recall…  How fitting that last night we met at Lou’s Diner on Main Street in Bradenton, Florida.  Lou’s has it all:  black andth-1 white checkered floor tiles, red leather bench booths with chrome trim and Route 66 signs on the walls…  If you’re lucky COCO comes over to take your order.  Don’t think “Co Co Chanel.” Think “Co Co Krispies!”  You know the cereal where the three little elves pour milk into the bowl for the entire duration of our childhood?  YEAH.  Well COCO went to the same school of mixology.  He can pour a tall glass of wine if you’re wondering.  And yes, the diner serves wine.

COCO took our order and someone ordered a Chef Salad.  And then the next sixtah placed her order…”I’ll have a Chef too…” and soon we were laughing, and soon COCO was blushing…and we were as raucous as ever.  I hate to reveal that later during the meal Trudi left the table to “take a call.”  she was gone for quite a while.  I would mention that during that time the Chef was never seen, however, this is how rumors get started, and we wouldn’t want any rumors started…it’s not like she left THE HERD again, right?

Our friend Kim had given us this great replica sign, and we brought it out and signed it for our new friends at Lou’s Diner.  Kim’s mom lost her battle with Pancreatic Cancer this year.  Pictured below are Patty and Julie with Ken and COCO.  COCO’s the one closer to Patty.  They say they’re gonna post the sign on the wall…check it out sometime!  We will when we go back!


It seemed like the right time to contact “Dancin’ Ted” so we texted him a picture of our lovely selves…


We live in anticipation of his visit to Bradenton.  Who wouldn’t?

Patty says that when she was first diagnosed she knew she wanted to be at her son’s Senior Night.  And it’s time to add some more stuff to her list…from a sixty sixtahs standpoint.  We brainstormed trip ideas.  Some weekend ideas.  Some weeklong ideas.  Some a little pricey.  Our local public high school has a terrific football team that is sponsored by Under Armour, the sports equipment company.  We discussed seeking their sponsorship for our adventures!  “What about a GO FUND ME page?!”  we joked…and then it occurred to us…

GO FUN ME!  And so that’s where we’ll start.  We’re looking for FUN!  Stay tuned for details of our next adventure sure to include yummy treats and lots of laughs like we shared last night…

Fried macaroni and cheese is where it’s at.  Obviously.


Hope you are having a good M…



It’s not the end of the trail…

Hey COCO, got any pie?…





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  1. boc727 says:

    I so missed my daily dose from the Sixtahs!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. jguch says:

    She’s back in the saddle again… Thanks Jules- BM extraordinaire!!! You are the best 😘


  3. Lori Diamant says:

    My apologies!!! It was my fault that Trudi “left the herd” to take my little emergency call. She was being a good big sister (go easy on her). : ) As always, putting others first!
    Glad to hear the renewed stories and sending tons of positive thoughts to you Patty!!!


    1. More evidence that Trudi is NICE! Glad to have you along. Lori! There is much to celebrate today! Patty had great news!


  4. Mirinda Hill says:

    Looks good to me as well. Mindy

    On Tuesday, August 30, 2016, dontforgetwinonablog wrote:

    > dontforgetwinonablog posted: “We met last night, and this morning is a > very good morning. So much has happened since the Sixtahs unpacked their > bags…Jean went on a great bike trip through part of Canada. Patti has > helped an ill family member. Jane and Julie have dropped off kids ” >


  5. Mirinda Hill says:

    Sorry wrong person.


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