Girls Trip, THE MOVIE.


Oh no you didn’t.

Yes we did.  We had to.   We had it on good authority that the movie was funny and also a bit raunchy…but it was called “Girls Trip” for goodness sake.  We had to.  We gathered to see the movie “Girls Trip” a few weeks ago prior to the storms.

Trudi had to bow out as she had a friend who’d recently lost her mom…and we missed her.  This wasn’t technically a violation of our “Do Not Leave The Herd Policy” although several sixtahs felt a signed permission slip should have been obtained; I won’t name names.  Patty okayed the absence though, and peace was restored.  Trudi IS pretty nice.

We texted and called one another and greeted each other with squeals and hugs in the foyer at the theatre.  Popcorn was a priority.  A picture documenting the fun was also a must…but easier said than done because…as you saw from our last trip…the selfie stick is a tool best used by professionals…


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and I am NOT a professional.

Luckily a fifty-something lady walked by and commiserated.  She laughed and offered to take our picture.  Only the generation that follows ours can take selfies with any degree of success…


Please note that the above photo captures us all with lovely smiles;  If you look closely, I’m resigned to my failure and am holding the selfie stick at my side.  It’s important to know your limits.

Don’t tell Jean, but (as above) we’re planning on handing her lots of non-nutritious things to hold  prior to group pictures on this second trip.  (It’ll be our little secret, okay?).   Like “Jean, would you hold this Slim Jim for a sec…” (click, quick photo)  that kind of stuff.  Let’s see if she catches on!  Enough of her kale-eating ways.  I mean really.  Everyone knows that healthful eating is just a fad.  And if things get dull in Sparky II we can kind of make a friendly competition out of it.  Ten points for a pic with Jean holding a Twinkie!  Twenty points if it’s a super-sized McDonalds meal!  Those miles between Memphis and New Orleans may seem long at the end of the week…

We’re gearing up for the trip.  We’re reaching out to some of our contacts along the Mississippi River.  We’re googling river songs and Mark Twain facts…but we aren’t forgetting those of you here at home who support our Patty every day.  Please plan to join us for a Send Off Party on Tuesday, September 26th at 5:30 pm at The Shake Pit in Bradenton, Florida.  This hometown ice-cream joint is run by our friend Debbie; She’s welcoming us back again this year for another send off…and we want you to join us too!  Please tell Ellen and Melissa McCarthy that we have a couple of chairs up front for ’em!

Yes, the movie was “sassy” and the narration was overdone, but the theme was one we could certainly get behind.  Friendships between women are strong enough to overcome!

Our Patty made a trip to Arizona right after our movie fun…”in search of a cure!”   She was gathering some second opinions and more medical advice!   A new chemo drug.  She starts it TODAY.  So do something really really FUN and laugh LARGE today…you’ll be helping target those chemo molecules toward the pesky cancer cells that we really really WANT GONE!  And we’ll keep up the “Cancer cells hate laughter” fight together!  We’re glad to have you on the team…and get ready for our Mississippi Trip!

We’re so excited!



(Take that video above as a challenge, Janey…the Pointer Sisters had an apparel committee…and look what they got to wear!)






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