Bee Prepared.

Like the Boy Scouts, we hoped to be prepared.  Last night we planned to get up first thing this morning, survey the storm’s progress, and make a decision.  We met in Janey and Patty’s room at 7:45 am even before we’d had coffee.  Our flight was scheduled to leave New Orleans airport at 1:55pm.  The tropical storm winds were due to arrive in the city at 2:00pm.  The storm was expected to arrive as a Category Two when it hit land east of New Orleans.  Dennis Phillips, one of our trusted Florida meteorologists, described this storm as the fastest moving storm he has ever followed…we decided that it was likely that New Orleans Airport would close due to winds PRIOR to our flight, and we decided to drive home in Sparky II.

Marcia Ball was already on her way to her gig in Daytona tonight.  We were so touched by her lovely gesture and gift of her time.  We organized a THANK YOU PIC…


Hopefully she appreciated the gesture.  These pix of us NOT in matching shirts are rare and will probably be worth something some day.

We were on the road at 9:05am. IMG_6022Raindrops fell lightly on us as we drove out of town, but within two or three miles we were in full sunshine and there was almost no wind.

We had our first stop within two hours.  Restrooms and Gas.

We sang songs and ate snacks.  We quizzed each other on TRIP TRIVIA:

  1.  who was the tray performer at O’Brien’s in New Orleans?  Alvin Babineau
  2. What kid of soup did Julie have at Yacky Shack back in Muscatine?  cracklin’ rice soup.
  3. What were our room numbers at the Peabody hotel in Memphis?  539, 1039, 1139
  4. What date was Martin Luther King Assassinated?  April 4, 1968
  5. What year did Elvis die?  1977
  6. What year did Danny Thomas die?  1991
  7. Who founded the button industry in Muscatine, Iowa?  Boeppel
  8. What’s the name of the New Orleans newspaper?  Times-Picayune
  9. What kind of wine did Marcia Ball have at dinner last night?  Tempranillo
  10. Who owns last night’s Tableau restaurant (home of those fabulous shrimp and grits)?  Dickie Brennan

We had our second stop at 1:00pm.  Subway subs and Restrooms and Gas.

  1.  we quizzed each other on state abbreviations
  2. we quizzed each other on world capitals
  3.  we quizzed each other on countries found in Africa

We held a “Regular vs. Reduced Fat” Cape Cod Potato Chip Contest.  No difference.  We swear.

We had our third stop.  Restrooms.

Our next stop was highly anticipated.  Janey is a big fan of Busy B’s which is a rest stop/gift shop/convenience store.  We couldn’t miss it.  Their branding is relentless.  You’d bee impressed.  It’s all the buzz, and I’m not kidding honey.  She promised we’d all bee happy so we bumbled in the door and buzzed around…I’m starting to drone on, I’m sorry.  I’ll stop.

Patty and I were more impressed when we found out that B.B’s had a D.D’s.  Omg!


and they had HER FAVORITE flavor…the ever elusive Dunkin Donut chocolate cream flavored ones!  (We’re thinking of initiating a letter writing campaign to the corporate offices for goodness sake!  What’s so hard about providing this flavor at all the stores nationwide?)

Trudi and Janey and Patty and I waited for Jean and Patti to finish up in the gift shop and dozed off for a time…


but soon Jean emerged so we…obviously…hid the car from Patti…AGAIN.

As it got dark we drove into rain, but were still able to stream Wingate University’s football game against University of North Carolina -Pembrook.   Patty’s son Alex plays for Wingate University.  Wingate pulled out the win and remains undefeated this season!

We had our fifth and final stop for gasoline and finally made it home.  As we pulled up at Trudi’s house our Patty broke out in song…

I’m so glad we had this time together

Just to have a laugh and sing a song

Seems we just get started

and before you know it

Comes the time we have to say

So long…

                   (From the Carol Burnett Show – written by Joe Hamilton)

Trudi wasn’t the only one to shed a tear in her driveway.  As we pulled away the Sara Bareilles song “Brave” played on the radio just for us.

On the way to my driveway Patty showed us family videos of her cute niece and of her son…and then Patty and Jean and I were treated to the incredible story of the military funeral that was held for the Callaghan Tire Pet Goldfish recently.  As Patty said, “he was a soldier, you know.”  Video evidence exists.  As usual, each Callaghan Family story is better than. the last.  This one was a doozie.

We pulled into my driveway, and it was my turn to hug everyone…we love each other.  We are the perfect collection of crazy.  My husband waited patiently for me knowing that a part of me drove out of the driveway with the gals in the Suburban when they left….but he was laughing too…because they were crooning our song, “On the Wings of Love” and they sounded just terrible.

It’s good to be home.



Mama B and Papa D surprised us by meeting us in Trudi’s driveway when we first pulled into town.  Mama B awarded us Certificates of Completion and we earned Steamboat Charms for our charm bracelets.  It was so great seeing mom and dad! ❤



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Mama Betty says:

    I must admit, I was worried about you Sixtahs recreating the magic of your Route 66 trip, sometimes it just doesn’t work again. You gals blew a hole in that theory, and had a “Ball”. You created a tighter bond and entertained all of us Sixtah wanna”Bees”! Thank you for sharing love and laughter with all of your homebound fans. You create a happy atmosphere for Patty and we love each one of you for that. Laughter is the best medicine😘😘😘😘😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She gives us a healthy dose back, mama b. It’s so easy to love her! Thanks again for delivering is to the airport and giving us such a warm reception home! You and papa D are THE BEST and it sure shows in your wonderful family….


  2. kimdok says:

    Loved the pic of PV making love to her fav choc cream donut! Lol!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Phyllis Gross says:

    Loved following your trip….thanks for all you’ve done for my sweet Patty. As Betty says, laughter is the best medicine and you all have proven that ! Wish I could meet all of you,but until then, keep on truckin’…you all are living life to its fullest!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Phyllis! Great to hear from you!


  4. Sally Gigliotti says:

    What a wonderful trip! I enjoyed reading of y’all s adventures. God bless

    Liked by 1 person

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