Shine Bright.

How do I segue into our first full day in Austin?

I cringed when I heard that our plan today was to rent Segways. Sadly,  I’m experienced.  This should mean I’m confident, but I’ve fallen both times I’ve previously driven them.  Patty announced that she’d love to take a Segway tour;  Patti and Jean had never done it. Trudi and Jane were game too. So off we went…


Our guide, Greg, shared funny stories about Austin as we hit the streets circling the beautiful grounds of the capitol.    He said that if you do accidentally hit a curb, you shouldn’t worry, the Segway will stop.  Unfortunately, he said, our bodies would continue on the tour for another twenty feet or so.  He was right.  Jane took a slow pirouette to the ground as we arrived at a tour stop.  And Trudi wasn’t far behind with a gorgeous free fall to the ground a few short minutes later.  Both of our buddies popped right back up, and we were on our way again…   And when we finally pulled back into his shop Greg quipped that we’d all covered a lot of ground , “Some more than others,” he laughed.

The moral of the story, again, is that when you take an embarrassing fall be sure that your blogging friend isn’t around.  Because what happens in Austin stays in Austin, except when it doesn’t.  🙂

IMG_1953We made our way back to our Airbnb and entertained ourselves with treats we’d purchased… and a rousing game of Heads Up.  It’s always a good time for cheese and crackers and girl talk.


We had a big night planned.  Tonight was Marcia Ball’s Induction into the Austin City Limits Hall of Fame.  We were in our seats by 7:00pm


We did giggle when we asked a gal out front to take our picture in front of Willie Nelson’s famous statue.  For those of you in the know, you’ll surely recognize Willie’s torso and legs….



Marcia Ball has been performing for more than 50 years.  She has been featured on Austin City Limits four times.  She performed tonight with Tracy Nelson and Irma Jones, among others.  And Ray Charles was also inducted posthumously with Norah Jones performing some of his songs to honor him.  Chris Isaak performed Charles’ “I Can’t Stop Loving You” and Ruthie Foster brought the audience to its feet with his “Georgia.”  Finally Los Lobos was also honored and inducted into the Hall of Fame capping off the night with La Bamba.

Marcia performed a song from her new album, Shine Bright.  She said she hopes to inspire people to “do random AGGRESSIVE acts of good.”  which reminds us so much of our Patty. No wonder they’re friends.

below:  Norah Jones, Chris Isaak and Los Lobos


The night’s performances ended with all inductees on stage, and Los Lobos singing La Bamba. Everyone in the room was on his feet and belting various interpretations of the Spanish words, “Yo no soy marinero, soy Capitan, soy Capitan…” became “Yo no soy habanero, soy Capitan, soy Capitan, soy Capitan!…”  Only louder!!!!!!!   It was just a remarkable night.


We love that pic above, but please pay special attention to the Callaghan sisters…we can’t stop laughing:

But the night’s live performances were not over for us.  We then hailed the most remarkable uber driver EVER.

Our driver eagerly asked about our evening, and upon hearing that Los Lobos had performed he explained that the first record he ever owned was one of Los Lobos’ “La Bamba.”  He was raised in Panama and vividly remembers how important that song was to him as a child.  He moved to Austin to pursue his music career several years ago and then things took a turn.  Have you ever watched Cash Cab on tv?  Well we were in the Panamanian Musical Version of that:

He played a recording of his song “Make America Hot Again” and even played a music video on the dvd screen of the car for those of us “lucky” enough to be in the back two rows of seats.  The ceiling of the cab lit up with multi-colored lights, and he donned his “Make American Hot Again” hat.  I realize none of this is believable, but luckily we have video evidence.  Oh, and we also have the hot sauce bottles he gave us that also say “Make America Hot Again,” obviously.




Yes.  Apparently you can get more info at  Go on we dare ya.  LOL


Blog Notes:

We did a RE-DO pic with Willie later on…



And this trip’s highly coveted BEST PHOTO BOMBER AWARD goes to FJ: Yes, we were in a public place when this photo was taken…




Excerpts from “Shine Bright,” by Marcia Ball

Choose your heroes, choose them well

Listen to the stories they tell

Feel the planet go round and round

Moon and stars are coming unwound

Love your neighbor, teach your child

Tighten up the ties that bind

Be here now ’cause now’s the time

Open up your eyes…Shine Bright.

Be who you want to be…Shine Bright.

For all the world to see, Shine Bright.

We’re making history, Shine Bright.

Every time we breathe

Trying to do right.


PS-Jane and I have a selfie with a mariachi band, and you don’t.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. kathy zeller says:

    Haha! “The Callahan Sisters” sounds like a Netflix Original!! You guys are hilarious! Have fun!


    1. I’m so sorry to tell you this, Kathy, but you’d fit right in! xo xo


  2. Mama Betty says:

    You crazy kids, how are you going to top that day? And more importantly, are my babies okay? Love you all💕


  3. I’ve been meaning to talk to you about this, Mama B, your daughters are poorly behaved…but yes, they’re doing well. xoxo


  4. Terry Spokes says:

    Loving the blog about these strong confident women who sure know how to fill a day with fun and laughter. I’m smiling😍


    1. Two of us aren’t as confident about Segways as we used to be…just sayin. :). thanks for commenting, Terry…and for joining us on our journey…xo


  5. Cindy says:

    Wow How Fun !! My favorite was the make America Hot song !!
    Safe travels home ❣️🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶


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